Research Approach

Action Research & Reflective Practice: learning from doing

Action research is a practice-led appproach.
I understand holistic co-design approaches, as a process guided by the peculiarities of the context as well as a the designers’ strengths, values and beliefs. So I undertake design projects in collaborative contexts and do my research through them. And through reflective practice, I explore the values, strengths and beliefs instilled by colleagues, leading participants, and myself. I also gather reflections on and document the process to later analyise how it varies with the context.

Through this phase I will be developing methods for reflection and documentation of the holistic design process and values in order to be able to compare my own approach with other practitioners’.


The suitability and success of the holistic design approach will be evaluated through participants reflections on what other approaches they might have taken and how they differed; toguether with observations and feedback gathered through the process.

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