Case Studies

Looking for Case Studies

If you need people from different backgrounds, departments or disciplines to collaborate and think together in order to resolve a conflicting situation or explore new ways of doing; that is exactly the kind of challenge I am looking for. If you give me permission to use it in my research, then you will have me putting my whole soul into it free of charge. The closer you are to Scotland, the better.

My general approach is to begin by visually mapping the context in a participatory manner, gathering all different perspectives on the matter and reflecting on any mismatches. Once we have ‘the whole’ visualised, we will begin exploring challenges and opportunities. From there, the process is fairly variable depending on the specific situation. But it is likely to be: participatory, visual and reflective.

Regarding my role, I won’t be the expert that comes in and gives you a packaged solution for your problem. Rather, I will be working closely with you to identify the best way to approach the situation you are facing. You can see here my ethos and understanding of collaboration, to have a better idea.

If you think that going through this process would be useful at your organisation or team, do not hesitate and get in touch with me.


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