Self-imposed expectations

Every time I bump into someone who has or is doing a PhD, I must ask them for their best advice or tips for a fresher.

As a Service Designer, I know that no one knows better the challenges and issues of going through any experience than its users and its providers. So in the case of going through a PhD, there is no body better to learn from than students and supervisors. So I gather tips from whoever I can.

And there is something that keeps on coming up conversation after conversation: Expectations, especially the ones that are self-imposed.

So I have made a wee self-reminder to try and keep my feet on the ground. Not everything will be under my control. So it is important to simply be aware of what would be ideal outcomes, and accept can be achieved.

This relates to one of the key skills for collaboration that is coming across in my research: cognitive flexibility. But that is another issue.


What do you think?

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