Design Principles and Practices 2013

Yesterday evening I found out that our paper “A Tool for Audience Design: a service design perspective on media consumption has been accepted and will be presented at the Design Pinciples and Practices Conference in Japan.

I couldn’t be more excited. Presenting the design process of our Audience Brainstorming Tool and going to Japan all in one.

We have been working in this project for about a year now. What started as a design experiment has end up being a great case study for me to reflect on my design process and its implications for my research.

It all started with some insights we got through our work with creative companies and our interest in the active involvement of audiences. From there loads of case studies, literature review and experimentation with paper. Little by little a brainstorming tool – deeply connected with service blueprinting and user journeys – started taking shape. As soon as we got something sensible to play with, we invited our industry partners along to a workshop. From there we started modifying and testing again and again… and we’ll keep on doing so. Also now we are building a digital prototype to play around with it in a different format and see what happens.

If anyone is interested in giving the tool a go, just get in touch :)

Here a wee teaser video we did to take down to Queens Margaret University with us for the workshop Ends of Audience, and below a wee presentation we did at Dare Indie Festival in Dundee.


What do you think?

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