Exploring HCI – starting point

This is being a busy week. I have started an online course on HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) by the University of Stanford. So far, so good.

The beginnings of a concept design are quite similar in Service Design, but the digital prototyping is getting closer :S

So now instead of spending my nights debating with myself the present and future of Service Design… I am finding needs and making storyboards.

I am really enjoying myself in this. I don’t get to do some hand drawing very often. However, at times I feel I’ve gone into deep waters with the topic I’ve chosen for the course project…

I have decided to work on designing a technological system that can improve feedback (and with it team dynamics) in the work-space. Yeah, I know… tough.
But in case you don’t know, this is something I’ve been interested in for some time now.

During my Masters’ I did some research into team dynamics and designed a feedback workshop to see how a different, more fun approach may work. A low risk environment, some storytelling, some winners… and great insights. I posted some time ago about the differences found between self-perception and external-perception, if you are interested. I just find the topic amusing.

Well, once I’m back from the world of story boarding, I’ll get back to some more thoughts about transformation design.


What do you think?

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