Market research = marketing?

I have lately noticed that many companies understand market research as a mean to inform their marketing strategy. Wrong.

Market research is the mean to understand your possible users/buyers and inform the decisions made during the design process.

In simple terms:
Great idea + development = Good outcome + no demand = waste of time
Great idea + market research = redesign + development = Better outcome + demand = Business

The point of doing market research is to understand the market and your possible users in advance.
Market research is aimed at answering questions such as:
– Is there something similar in the market already?
– Which are our competitors Unique Selling Points (USPs)?
– What are they doing wrong? What are their customers unhappy with?
– Can we do it better or contribute with something new?
– What is the demand for our product/service?
– Who are those that will engage with our product? Why would they pick us and not our competitors? Can we improve their experience?

I wouldn’t start putting money and time into a project, until I have all of those answered. It would be then when I would start thinking about marketing strategy, and make sure I have answer for the next set of questions:
– Where are our customers?
– How can we better reach them?
– What do our competitors do to engage with them?

So as a quick summary, market research can also inform your marketing strategy, but it won’t magically sell your product or service unless it satisfies the first set of questions.


What do you think?

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