Moving Targets Inaugural Workshop – Challenges and Opportunities Tag Cloud

Event: inaugural Moving Targets workshop

Participants: People involved in the media industries in Scotland (companies, agencies, academics and students).

Activity: Identifying opportunities and challenges (brainstorming, clustering, dot-voting)

Highlight: We used different colour post-its for challenges and opportunities. But as @Ambition_Ashley highlighted, many of the issues were considered as both an opportunity and a challenge.

So maybe… Taking the right approach we can turn those challenges into opportunities.

Tag-Cloud: After turning the post-its content into digital data (good deal of typing) the outcome is the tag cloud that would help us to focus the next steps of the project.

NOTE: some words have been grouped (such as social-media, business-models…) in order to keep their meaning into context. The same way, some others have been changed to plural-singular so the software could recognise them as the same thing.

NOTE 2: The voting-process has been included in the tag-cloud by duplicating the content of those post-its according to the number of votes.


What do you think?

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